Ineffective Use Of Police Force

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How do we police the police? This is a question that has been around for centuries, but no one has been able to come up with a clear answer because although there are recommendations on what should be done, it is up to the police themselves to provide constraints. It also may not come as a shock to some that police officers in the United States are taught that they can use deadly force if they reasonably believe an individual poses a grave, imminent danger to themselves or others. One of the primary rules taught at the police academy as that you shoot to kill, not to injure because if you only shoot to wound someone by shooting, you do not have jurisdiction to shoot at all. It is logical that they do have to protect themselves, however, that…show more content…
However, accountability for police use of lethal force is severely lacking in the United States because the investigation is conducted by their own agency, who more often than not try to cover up what the individual has done even though it may have been wrong. The case in then handed over to the local prosecutor for review, who, depending on the jurisdiction, either convenes a grand jury or decides directly whether to file charges against the officer, which happens in very few of the cases. Internal Affairs never confesses to the claim of police abuse. They hide witnesses and try to cover all their tracks. However, so that the public isn 't further angered they do light things such as loss of vacation days or a mere suspensions until the “investigation is completed.” Most prosecutors only like to take cases that result in homicide by an officer is they know they can win. Cases that have gone to trial usually end in disappoint, such as the case of Michael Brown. Even after the case was lost, no one wanted to take it to court again not even the Chief of Justice because what Darryl Wilson did was “constitutional” as for his…show more content…
But this isn 't always the case because the video could be said to have represented something else. There really is no legal solution that is going to discipline the police and break them of their habits. I would also like to add that the media plays a big part in bringing these homicides to light. They are usually really one-sided and everyone looks at the situation from theirs. This in turn causes more of a separation between the community and the police, however, a healthy relationship between the police and the community diminishes the prospect of the police using excessive force at all. For this to happen the police would have to be more culturally accepting of the diversity within the community and get to know who they 're around because law enforcement is an important societal function and its effectiveness is hampered when tensions exist between the police department and the public it serves. Likewise, the community has a role in keeping neighborhoods safe and free of the fear of

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