Ineffectiveness Of 9/11 Essay

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Do you recall where you what you were doing on the morning of September 11, 2001? Perhaps you were at school, out of state or at your local food store. Or perhaps you can 't remember something that happened some fourteen years ago. For some, however, the mere mention of September 11 has already taken them on a journey down memory lane, as it did to me. Following the devastating September 11 attacks, which we today remember as 9/11, America has made it a top priority to increase security and to institute new regulations in order to deter the possibility of another such attack. With many people doubting the effectiveness of their regulations and criticizing their techniques, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) continues with their…show more content…
Just recently the TSA has proved the ineffectiveness of its new regulations when a report, regarding the TSA’s debacle, was leaked. According to Kriston Capps, a writer at CityLab, in his article ‘Airport Security: Astoundingly Expensive and 95 Percent Ineffective,’ Airline security is 95 percent ineffective. All the public wanted was just one story to support their theory and ABC news provided that when it reported that TSA agents failed detestably, when members of the US Department of Homeland Security easily went passed airport security, carrying fake explosives. According to Capps’ article, “with the TSA not doing its job, airport security is a total waste of resources.” He furthers shares that “Airport security is especially expensive when it doesn’t work at all,” further bashing the TSA for the recent mishap.
It may be argued that one instance does not prove the total ineffectiveness of the agency, especially when in several years, there has not been any reported attacks such as 9/11. But to counter that argument, one could simply pose the question, just as ‘Red Teams’ were able to pass security, carrying weapons and explosives, with little to no harassment, couldn’t the same have happened had they been a group of

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