Gender Equality: Untackled Like A Myth

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Introduction Inequalities between men and women have been an age-old issue all over the world. The quest for gender equity is a universal phenomenon presently. The areas of demanded equity covers education, employment, inheritance, marriage, politics etc. The demands and struggles over centuries have brought women the property rights, voting rights, an equality in civil rights before the law in matters of marriage and employment and much more; but inspite of the myriad of legislations and acts the question of gender equity remains untackled like a myth. A quest for the possible reasons for the same will lead one to re-read the Marxian dictum of determination of the societal structure as per economic patterns. If we set aside…show more content…
However, achieving greater gender equality is yet an unfulfilled dream despite the hike in women’s educational and employment during the past years.There exists a gender gap in entrepreneurship i.e. the difference between men and women in terms of numbers engaged in entrepreneurial activity and evidently women entrepreneurs are quite lesser in number. This points to the fact that women are reluctant to step forward into the endeavor of entrepreneurship suggesting a need for awakening the entrepreneurs within them. In order for the same there must be an enlightenment within the female mindset to gain a status in equity to their male counterparts by attaining economic self sufficiency through entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship brings about women’s economic independence and improves their social status which in turn empowers them. The importance of promoting women entrepreneurship is now being increasingly realized globally. It empowers women by bringing them into main stream of development and improves their economic status and provides new employment opportunities by…show more content…
However a blindfold assumption that women entrepreneurship will necessarily lead to gender equity seems irrational. Women entrepreneurship is not an end in itself, it is a tool for gender equity. A women can be economically stable and self sufficient but not enjoy gender equity if she is unable to impart the decision making process on the economic resources of her own but controlled by her male counterpart. Evidently, as Marx suggests one can turn powerful if she posses the economic power but in the case of attaining gender equity the Nietzchenian dictum of ‘will to power’ has also a major role. If an economically stable women wills to attain a status equal to or even better than her male counterpart nothing can stop her from the

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