Inequalities In Frankenstein Analysis

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We are made aware of the inequality that the monster previously experiences during his reunion with Frankenstein. Instead of being welcomed in the warmth of open arms, the monster is greeted with much disdain from his own creator. With much animosity, Frankenstein goes on to refer to the monster as, “devil”, “wretch”, “monster”, “daemon” and even a “vile insect” which can further indicate the amount of disgust he holds against the monster, as well as the superiority that he holds over his creation. The monster pleas for Frankenstein to listen to the story of his developmental journey before taking any actions based on assumptions. With much deliberation, Frankenstein agrees to do so. It is then revealed how he had suffered inequality in the nearby villages of Ingolstadt, as well as a cottage in Germany. In reaction to the monster’s deformity and shape, the actions taken against him, overall, were made out of fear and discrimination. In his account of the nearby villages of Ingolstadt, the monster claims that “the whole village was roused; some fled, some attacked me, until grievously bruised by stones and other kinds of missile weapons.” (Shelley 73) The monster was left feeling miserable, as he reflected upon “the barbarity of man.” (Shelley 73) Aroused by fear, with the accompaniment of outrage and violence from others, which…show more content…
The undue violence and assault on his character are unwarranted in all such events. If it is unacceptable to use other humans as an end in themselves, why should it be acceptable to use other animals or nonhumans in the same
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