Inequalities In Health

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Health Visitors are set to be commissioned to Local Authority in England with effect from October 2015 by the National Health services (NHS England, 2015). The Health Visitors are expected to take charge of children who are 0-5 years of age; to work with members of the communities to improve access to children health care needs and more importantly to reduce inequalities in health especially for children (NHS England, 2015). However the extent to which the health visitors will have in reducing inequalities in health is largely unknown. There are already debates on values of health visitors to local authority among the nurses and effect to their training to meet demands (Merrifield,
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To understand what works to reduce inequalities in health for children 0-19 years old globally

Designs and methodology
The project methods will include a systematic review of the evidence globally in relation to what works to reduce inequalities in health with focus on children 0-19 years old and the nature of the public health nursing service provision across countries where it exists.
Data collection
Systematic literature search of studies containing the primary data that address public health nursing, health services for 0-19 years age groups, inequalities in health globally and had appropriate methodology (Cullinan, 2005; O'Rourke, 2005). The main data source will includes: electronic databases such as, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL), PubMed and other documents sources for synthesis of evidence that go beyond individual studies (Chamber, 1998). Data from the selected studies will be extracted in predesign coding sheet (data extraction form) and assessment of risk of bias for each study will be
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I participate in the postgraduate, professional personal development and planning activities: training, seminars and peer-assisted learning to enrich my skills in conduct of the research, begin on data gathering.
In the second year, I will continue with literature such, primary data collection (Delphi technique) and analysis for consensus convergence with the meta-analysis of evidence form existing research, and conduct final surveys to practitioners to test evidences generated publishing findings. I will continue to take part in postgraduate, professional personal development and planning framework activities.
Final year, I reserved for final analysis, finalizing research documents, defense and publications
Contribution of this project
This study is expected this research project will make at least three contributions: first, the proposed study will make contributions to the currently scientific knowledge on what works to reduce inequalities in health. As more is known about the health inequalities, roles of public health nursing in 0-5 year’s services, it will be possible to more clearly understand the capability needed for public health nursing in reducing inequalities in children 0-19 health through synthesis of evidences. This project should be viewed as a piece of puzzle to that effect. The results of which will be disseminated through

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