Community Health System Analysis

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Today, health systems in both high-income and low-middle income countries play more significant role in improving as well as maintaining community health (WHO, 2007). Nevertheless, the efforts to develop well-functioning and highly integrated health systems are not easy since the most countries; especially developing countries have to deal with abundant challenges in public health. For instance, inequalities in the access to health care still exist in many countries due to various obstacles such as the inadequacies of the health resources and the discrepancy between the rich and the poor (Barten et al., 2007). To address those challenges, the health system must be reformed to improve the health coverage for all people as well as to conduct…show more content…
That situation combined with a huge gap in facilities and service allocation has led to disparities in many aspects including access to health services in which (Susilo et al., 2013). In most area in Indonesia, health inequity still persist in the sense that people who live in rural and remote areas having worse health outcomes and greater difficulty in accessing to health services than those who live in urban areas (Nguyen et al., 2011). In fact, the Indonesian government has launched community health centers in every district, as close-to-population services to improve health coverage for all people, especially for disadvantaged communities (Rosser, 2012, Kristiansen and Santoso, 2006). Nevertheless, the quality of services in most of health centers is very poor because of the shortage of health resources including facilities and skilled health workers (Schröders et al.,…show more content…
According to that claim, they argued that the private competitive market could be implemented in delivering health care. That opinion was not entirely true in the sense that health care is unique which contains a set of distinguishing characteristics such as the asymmetry information between patients and health providers and a possibility the supply to induce the demand. Furthermore, as one of basic human rights, the right of health is an important issue in the sense that all people have the same right to achieve the highest attainable standards of health including access to appropriate health services (WHO, 2008). Therefore, health care tends to be a public or merit good in which those availability and allocation should be ensured by the

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