Inequalities In Community Relations

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Inequalities are also one of the key features of the PC relationship and shapes it into a major source of exploitation (Soctt & Marshall, 2009). The literature found the existence of inequalities between the patrons and clients’ relationship (Roniger, 1983,1984 & 2015; Scott, 1972a, 1972b; Stein, 1984; Wolf, 2001; Galt, 1973; Nicollas, 1974; Foster, 1963; Wallace-Hadril, 1989). The historical societies accepted the ascriptive hereditary values and inequalities as parts of their social structures. Roniger (2015) argues that the PC relations flourish in societies “where markets are no longer controlled through primordial units and allow for an open flow of resources and opportunities for mobility” (p.605). Other researchers note that the PC relations…show more content…
The genesis of this relationship is established on the inequalities between the both parties. Socio-economic status, political positions, legal status, and social connections are all major inequalities between providers and refugees. Moreover, the social exchanges between refugees and providers depict the unequal socio-economic status and dominance. For example, the providers assist the refugees with resources for rent, groceries, medical, and education. In response, the refugees allow providers to take pictures and videos for reporting which leads to raising…show more content…
The emergency approach is useful in stabilising the refugee education for a short term (Galt, 1973; Stein, 1984), particularly when the refugees’ education is being disrupted for few months. But for the long term, the emergency approach could not enable the refugees to alleviate inequalities and their vulnerable position (Galt, 1973; Stein, 1984). For example, the refugees have stayed in the Bangkok area for the last five to six years, yet the provider still focus on the emergency approach. The emergency approach, however, facilitate the providers to maintain inequalities and divert the resources toward their infrastructure and personnel. The emergency approach focuses on basic English literacy and numeracy which may not alleviate inequalities between refugees and providers. However, the emergency approach appears to perpetuate the

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