Inequality And Inequality In Vietnam

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I spend 19 years in Vietnam, as I am growing up, I start to understand the inequality between gender, race, and education in my country. People from the south hate people from the north. The parent adore son than daughter. Teacher bias smart students and rich students. However, when I come to the U.S., reading more news that I couldn’t read when I’m in Vietnam, these issues have become more serious, and everything suddenly get worsen when Donald Trump become the president. The gap of disparity and inequality in education, race and gender are larger.
The disparity and inequality in education is obvious now a day. I can see the difference between school from urban area and school from rural area. In Vietnam, most of the school is public school,
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People think the reason is because they are lacking money, yet in my opinion, lack of money is not the main reason of that, because I saw many supporters donate million and billion Vietnam dongs for those area. So, where the money goes? The same like all the countries, in Vietnam each of district have its own authority. In Vietnam, there are one serious problem that happen for years is corruption. For 10 dollars you donate, only 1 dollar will come to those in need, the rest will be divide for the politicians. Because of that the students in rural area still study in the bad condition till now. As my experiment, in most of countries, the disparity and inequality not only between area, it is also inside the school. It starts from the distinction between smart students with normal students and bad students. When I went to high school in Vietnam, we had both advance classes and normal classes. Even though both classes paid for the same amount of money, the advance classes had better equipment and teachers than normal classes. For example, the advance classes had air condition, microphone, projector and…show more content…
Because women are weaker than men, since history, men have gotten more respect and opportunities than women. In my point of view, even though disparity and equality in gender happen everywhere in the world, western countries are still better than eastern countries. In western countries women still have more recognition, opportunity and freedom than women in eastern countries. For example, in western countries, married women can go to work after marriage, the husband will help the wife with some household chores. In some eastern countries, after marriage women must stay home after marriage and take care of the house and kids, while men will be the one who work outside. the disparity and inequality are worsening in middle east countries where women don’t have any freedom. These countries still have the polygamy system in their country. Women don’t have the right to vote, the right to speak up. Most of men in middle east countries think that the place for women is in the house. Most of them suffer from domestic violence. Nonetheless, now a day the disparity and inequality are lot limited in only two gender men and women, it also happens for other gender. In some countries, being in others gender rather than men and women is called a disease. Some people still have to hind their true gender because if they said it out, they will be had scornful eyes from other people. The same as another two issues, many women have stand up
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