Inequality In Education

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As we agree that, our life is based on education. Infect, educational society develop everything and you mind setup that is improved your personality. Education is preparing our student for their future employment opportunities for their life. It is focus on providing academic skills and improving students’ knowledge. Also it gives chance to improve intellectual competence to complete in a fast changing knowledge oriented environment. In addition, education plays a most significant role to change society and even for the development of the society. Education is the overall growth of an individual. An education should deliver opportunities to improve a person physically, mentally and spiritually as whole of a person’s life.
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Therefore, schools are the basis of this inequality which gives privilege to some, while disadvantage to others. Bowles and Gintis, (2012) argue that school is the place which reproduces the social class system by educating them to fit into their social class. However, functionalists believe that individual’s academic performance depends completely on the effort they apply on their studies. They also believe society works in a meritocratic system. That is people achieve what they deserve according to their merit and hard work they do.
Schools should be provided the attractive environments that help to students to socialize, they delivered not only as institutions that share certain knowledge and skills to students. Today, the focus of current debates among many educators and different institutional leaders alike has been that “socializing students” as the “aim” of education. At this point, I include three main arguments with regard to the aims of education for any given society. This debate can be understood as a battle among three points of view:
1) Education assistances to prepare students for employment opportunities that is an extension of market forces.
2) Schools should be given that limited academic skills and knowledge but schools should not
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Fortunately, majority of the Maldivians are technology literate and have brilliant skills. However, those skills are being used in unproductive ways such as chatting, creating software for hacking and spying. Moreover, most of the schools included computer studies in their teaching and learning program, though it is use as a motivational tool to teach other subjects. Similarly, in private sector the technology education is totally business oriented and meritocracy. Most of the students who attend these programs are motivated by credentials which they need to enter the job
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