Inequality In John Steinbeck's 'The Chrysanthemums'

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Women in the nineteenth century lived in an age characterized by gender inequality. Throughout history the treatment to women has been unfairly. Back in times women were in charge of the house and taking care of the children. They did not have any job to paid and support themselves, only the men’s used to work. Women had no voice, they had to deal with every mistreated or unhappiness in a relationship. Also the male-centric thinking and societal norms were the only ones accepted. Today’s society has change, women are not treated in the same way. They have same rights as men’s and capable of doing the same activities and jobs. Women did not have the opportunity to go to college, graduate and get a job. Most women stayed home and watched the children while the men supported the family. With women not working this made it hard for them to get enough money to leave their husbands and support themselves and their children without their husbands. The story "The Chrysanthemums" shows this aspect in the women life back days. Elisa the protagonist of the story was a married woman with no children but she only took…show more content…
The story is one of a good meaning, but oppressive husband who drives his wife mad in an attempt to help her. The story illustrates how established protocols of behavior have been devastating effects on the women in those times. If the husband accepted to listen to his wife, she would not end up crazy. She knew that what she needed was to be outside and interact with others, but he tough that just because he was a doctor and study he knew more than her. Today is different, the women thinking is accepted as well, there are many professional women that have better solutions to many problems that are happening in our world. Even through some people still believe that men are superior and their centric thinking is better than
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