Women In Modern Society

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We live in a modern and civilized society of a modern world where all enjoy, or are supposed to enjoy, rights for everything of whatever legal nature. The right to work, right to equality, personal freedom, right to education; are some of the examples of common rights that every individual must enjoy. In a society such as ours, we cannot imagine of being deprived or sidelined from attaining our rights. Individuals deprived of their rights often suffer from depression, anxiety, and other such physiological disorders which often lead to unnatural behaviors in these individuals. Such setbacks may also lead these individuals to take up drugs or get involved in criminal activities which cause further damage to the society as a whole.
It is surprising to learn that women in many parts of the world are still deprived of their common rights. Many underdeveloped countries openly sideline women of their rights while there are many developed countries which claim to provide equality but practice a glass-ceiling policy. It is very unfortunate that women were claimed to be a weaker sex in the past and this claim still persists in our modern society. The reasons may be varied which range from poverty, lack of education, ego of the opposite sex, cultural norms, religion, etc.
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It is in such societies, that even religion is used in a wrong context. In Bangladesh, people use the Islamic “Purdah” or the veil practice to confine women to their homes. In pre-Islamic Arabia, women had almost no rights and were seen as disgrace due to which they were often buried alive. In Islam the pre-Islam era is termed as Jahiliyah, meaning the age of darkness, and ignorance of God 's guidance. It was the teachings of Islam that restored the dignity of women and gave them rights in Arabia. Unfortunately, the same teachings are today misinterpreted to sideline the rights of

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