Inequality In Race Analysis

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Theories of Inequality in Race In this lesson, Zach explains the theories of prejudice which happens in society. He explains and dissects the four different types of prejudice. One of the four prejudice is the scapegoat theory which is when a horrible event occurs and then blame someone unfairly for the unfortunate event. When we do this, it aims our rage towards another individual which creates a channel of anger. In the lesson, Zach gives an example such as blaming the immigrants for lack of jobs. They are blaming immigrants for them finding jobs or there not being enough for the other individuals which is putting this as we vs them. Next prejudice is the authoritarian personality theory which is when an individual believes that social rules…show more content…
The first part of the pattern of interaction is segregation which is separating people that are different. An example of segregation is when the Jim Crow Laws where in enacted which separated the white and blacks from each other. Apartheid means separateness, and this was a racial segregation system by the government in South Africa. It aimed to secure the power of the white South Africans over the non-white South Africans. Genocide is a form of interaction which is an accumulation or majority of killing towards a sole group of individuals. An example of genocide was the mass killing of the Jewish during the Nazis regime and the Tutsi people in Rwanda. The next pattern of interaction is pluralism which is a society that describes that all the different cultures and ethnicity as having some form of equal power or are accepted. Assimilation is when a group of minorities give up or change their traditions to become part of the dominate group. Lastly, the final form of pattern of interaction is miscegenation. Miscegenation is when you have kids that are of mixed race due to the different racial groups of the…show more content…
Prejudice is not an action, but an idea directed towards a group or an individual. Discrimination is withholding opportunities to individuals because of prejudice cause. Discrimination is using action and can be negative or positive. The negative form of discriminating is when institutions can block opportunities to individuals. Also, positive discrimination is like affirmative action which allows more opportunities to be given to the disadvantaged group because of oppression inflicted on them. Law enforcement, schools, and banks are what make institutional discrimination. An example of institutional discrimination was the case Brown vs Board of Education which ended the separation of blacks and white students in separate schools. When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the ending of separate schools this allowed the black and white students to become integrated. Furthermore, another example of institutional discrimination is resume studies. Studies were conducted to see the outcome when black and white names individuals who gave the same resumes and learned if the individuals would receive the same results. Jobs are willing to call people back if their names sound white or are white. For example, if a black man’s name is Devonte and a white man’s name is Matthew and they have the same qualifications on their resume the job is willing to

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