Inequality In Slavery Essay

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Since January 1, 1863, it has been known that slavery was a big deal. Basic concepts of what has happened is Bullying. There are many results from racism. Usually they are treated are treated in a different manner based on the way they look or act. Inequality has been around for a long time. Not only in Arizona but worldwide, it´s still happening today. The main types of inequality that make are race, age, and religion.

Racism is and has been around very many years, this is an issue in witch has to be addressed your choice whether you have Korean parents and you are born Korean. It's not your choice, you don't have control of what race you are. January 1,1863, it was the day that your race made you who you were. Slavery was abolished two years later because people began to realize race didn't define you. Racism is still being used but it's up to the person whether they bully someone for it.

Prior to race and being mistreated because of it, another issue needs to be advised as well. Age difference and the inequalities about them. Age is the numbers in Arizona. Most of the time if you are younger or older than a certain person they treat you different. The perseved view point of someone to another leads straight to disrespect. An elder will get disrespected and a younger person will get
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Religion is an enormous defect of how inequality is used. Once again you get picked on, or you don't get the same rights as another. If someone is atheist and someone else is Christian then the inequality or the religion is; Christian will believe he or she will to the underworld for not being a believer. The atheist will not even care because in god witch means he does not believe in the great Hades. Religion is another lousy excuse used to also define you. If you go to church then you are good, if you are good, if you do not, you are a bad person. Every way and everyone will always leave something to
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