Inequality In Sociology Essay

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This course of Cultural Diversity has a major influence by sociology. With that, the specific definition that coincides with inequality is social inequality. Social inequality is the state of unequal opportunities and rewards for different social positions or statues within a group of society. We have discussed numerous causes of social inequality in this seminar such as racial inequality, gender inequality, wealth inequality, etc. These social inequalities are permanent inequalities between some group or people that stems disparity or inadequacy by means of ascription such as race, sex, class, nationality, religion, or other characteristics ascribed at birth, and these injustices (without major change) continue to persist as time progresses…show more content…
Racism is the belief that the race of a person is the primary determinant of human traits and capabilities in which the racial differences between a person or group produce an inherent superiority over another person or group. Sometimes this blatant display of bigotry and discrimination can be active racism such as the Ku Klux Klan or the Civil Rights Era of “dogs and firehoses”. But racism can be shrouded in obscurity and be subtler known as passive racism; these can range from laughing at a racist joke or countering racism with a color-blind racism attitude (Tatum, 1997). A personal example of racism that I have experienced is by my 8th grade teacher in which due to the color of my skin as an African-American, she believed I was a bad influence on my Caucasian-American friend under no other pretense. Racism can be identified by pointing it out and confronting it when it occurs. Racism can be reduced by acceptance of the ones who are racist instead of being in denial or color blind; being open to change, educating one’s self about the racist they discriminate against, and making an effort to get to know the culture and people of that race. Racism and race relations will only continue to divide unless another civil revelation, but racism is not only prejudice that society faces
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