Inequality In South Africa Literature Review

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Literature Review Could this movement have been a materialization of the vast disposition in the distribution of wealth in South Africa? Inequality, according (Flaherty, 1995) is the unfair situation in a society where a certain group of people enjoy more opportunities, wealth, status etc. than another group of people. This research seeks to understand the Fees Must Fall Student movement as a manifestation of the already apparent inequality in South Africa, to discover whether inequality in South Africa, that is the unfair access to opportunities more especially education has lead to the Fees Must Fall student movement. According to (Nulty, 2017) the Fees Must Fall student movement is a social movement that occurred starting in 2015, October in South African public universities. The student movement was initially started as a call for lower fees in public institutions of Higher learning. The call came after talks between the University of the Witwatersrand Council and Student Representative Council couldn’t come to an agreement on the fee increment which the SRC saw as a “Deliberate and un-progressive” decision to the continuation of the exclusion of the poor student populace out of the higher education system (Nulty, 2017). However the University Council did state the reasons for fee increment as part of the 3 year staff inflation-salary cycle, the decreased government subsidy on higher education and the cost of new study material particularly new books for the library

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