Gender Inequality In The Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison

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Women have been suffering from inequality since forever. They are always treated as inferior in regards to men. Women are perceived as weak, useless unless they are at home cooking or cleaning or doing things that usually women are “expected” to do. In the past women could not work, vote or go out everyday. It was like they were pets and they had to wait for their owner to take them out for a walk or something. Personally, I as a woman have the same problem however not to that extent, the way people perceive women as inferior now a days has been altered a little, “you can’t sit like that”, “you cant eat like that”, you can’t joke like that” and the list goes on and on… So the issue that woman are inferior has existed for far too long now. Many people have tried to make a change and alter the way men treat and perceive woman, but it is still the same and it wont change until women really do…show more content…
It presents a realistic view of the options for these women: they could get married and have children, work for white families, or become prostitutes. The novel also thematizes the culture of women and young girls, emphasizing beauty magazines and playing with dolls. Appearance is another theme that is identified in African American women had to be white in order to be perceived as beautiful, other than that they were perceived as ugly inferiors that can be abused, insulted, and beaten. Throughout the whole book we could interpret that woman in ”The Bluest Eye” are portrayed in relation to the influence they suffer from the white ones and from society in their search for their own selves. These black women are excluded from a universe of love and tenderness where the figure of man is a key element for their imprisonment in madness, silence, sexual oppression and lack of hope. Silent, desperate, and isolated, these women cannot escape a life of unfulfilled
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