Inequality In The Color Purple

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African-American male and female writers have dealt with the sufferings, slavery and freedom. Being Black male and female writers Langston Hughes and Alice Walker play an eminent role for the Black people’s welfare. In the novel, The Color Purple author Alice Walker introduces Southern Black female characters not only faced slavery, but sexism, racism and oppression .Throughout the novel Walker not only describes the injustices against African-Americans but focuses to read an oppressed races and struggles underwent by Celie .The Color Purple is an extraordinary account of a Black women 's plight as Celie strives towards acceptance, freedom and independence. Langston Hughes is Black American’s most representative writer and a significant figure…show more content…
But at that time people of White and coloured skin were indiscriminately enslaved even before the colonization of America. Gradually the Negro group was debased as easily adapted into the system of slavery. The whites gradually saw and believed that the Blacks are more suitable for the status of slaves and thus the inhuman business of trading in black slaves was started the Portuguese in 1444 though it was introduced in the New World (America) for the first time in 1619 when a Dutch vessel sold 21 Negroes slaves to the colonists of Virginia for their tobacco growing…show more content…
The novel opens with an opening letter where we discover that Celie the main character was savagely raped by her step father. Such a bold beginning lets us know that Celie 's life is anything but ordinary. The sanctity of the family unit so important to the American way of life is destroyed. The shocking details of rape as Celie writes are sad but a factual everyday occurrence. Celie understands that as a Black woman she is seen as worthless having a meaningless existence.There is no other way of life. It is as if all Black women are enslaved to the typical hell of exploitation, bigotry, and abuse. The female characters are molded from pain and sacrifice. As the novel progresses, the reader gets to follow Celie who was offered to get married to a widower who has children. The widower first hesitates in getting married to Ceile but after some encouragement by Celie’s stepfather (Alphonso) She can take that cow she raise down there back of the crib (The Color Purple.10) the widower agrees to marry her. The implication here is that women are nothing but cattle and
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