Inequality In The Help By Kathryn Stockett

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The Help by Kathryn Stockett portrays an incredible story of inequality in the deep south of Jackson, Mississippi. The story is told from three uniquely different points of view. Abilene, a black maid, is one of the three. She has several justifiable opinions about, color, equality, and kindness. Her thoughts affect several aspects of the story such as how she raises Mae Mobley and her contributions to Ms. Skeeter. Abilene’s rightful opinion on how skin color doesn’t matter carries over into how she raises Mae Mobely, her boss’s daughter. By the time she was three Mae Mobley was being told uniquely special stories by Abilene. All of these interactive little stories had the same powerful message: the color of your skin doesn’t determine who you are. Mae Mobley really understood this and it showed in the way she talked about people, played with her toys, and socialized with her brother. Abilene her stories helped her come to the great realization that no one is born a racist. This is how she formed her opinion on how kindness has no boundaries.…show more content…
Abilene starts cachinnating vigorously. Moreover, Abilene starts doing what Minny calls “Philosophing” and explains how kindness has no boundaries. She speaks of how there is no “line” separating the whites and the colored. Conversely she carries on and says “the line” was made up a long time ago, that the positions in society are just like positions on a checkerboard. If it weren’t cause of this, she might not have had anything to do with the Caucasian Ms.
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