Inequality In The Inspector Priestley

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Priestley portrays his political views on equality through the character of Inspector Goole. He believed that everyone should be treated with impartiality despite their social status which expresses his theme of morality. Also, he conveys the message of socialism by making it seem more favorable than capitalism. Furthermore, the Inspector is presented as stern and authoritarian to create conflict within their family. This further leads to the characters offering a confession subconsciously to make them feel responsible for their immorality. All of this is displayed through the ominous and rather supernatural character of Inspector Goole. Priestley uses the Inspector as a projection of his views on socialism to indicate its superiority over capitalism. The Inspector described the individuals of community as “members of one body”. This implies that unity within a community is essential for its survival which confronts the Birling’s view of absolute capitalism. Priestley completely demoralizes capitalism by making the audience detest its followers (Mr. and Mrs. Birling); he achieves this by giving Mr. Birling a presumptuous and arrogant character that is made to be despised. The word “members” suggests that everyone is treated fairly and you cannot differentiate between the rich and poor which results in no inequalities in class or gender. Also, it suggests that each member depends on the rest of the community to function; if one part of the “body” does not function properly
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