Far From The Madding Crowd Analysis

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Far from the Madding Crowd
In the book “Far from the Madding Crowd” Thomas hardy talks about world deepest problems within telling his story. The main problem he brings up in the world is inequality. Within his book he brings in many couples, where one partner is more in love than the other, and by doing this, he shows us the possibly horrible events that could occur from this inequality. The novel also examines in great detail, the relationship between luck and moral responsibility. I believe the true question he is trying to get the readers to ask themselves is “why should we live a morally upright life if tragedy strikes us all equally anyway?” For example, a character named Gabriel is always responsible and cautious, and others, like Sergeant
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Many of Hardy’s female protagonist are not passive women. At the market, the discussion of Bathsheba’s independence is not a thing but her appearance is. Her desire to run the farm independently is seen as her being headstrong. In the business she is already expected to be lacking but all the people are focused on is that she is beautiful. And this is all they expect out of her. This is something that occurs even today. Such as in the work world. If you are going into an interview to get a job and the owner is trying to decide between two candidates, one who is in shape and is pretty good locking vs. the one who is heavier and is not the best looking, the odds are that the owner is going to higher the one with the good looks. In Thomas Hardy’s book he likes the contemplation of a just society. A just society is a society that is on a quest to find the way of the way of the world. In a way Thomas hardy brings this into his text in his novels. For example, in this novel there is a girl named Bathsheba and she is wanting to run a farm independently. But because she is a woman they look at as her being headstrong, instead of looking at her as being ambitious. She is holding her farm as her sacred, something that tells her
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