Inequality In Trifles

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In the beginning of the twentieth century women were were not treated equal to men. While society has advanced leaps and bounds from that time period, gender inequality is an issue that, unfortunately, still thrives today. Throughout history gender inequality has been the spark to many conflicts. In Susan Glaspell’s drama Trifles, the primary conflict is driven by gender issues for that time period; the conflict is conveyed through dialogue as well as stage directions.

Gender inequality is evident from the beginning of the play through the character’s dialogue. The first example is when Mr. Hale says, “Well, women are used to worrying over trifles,” (Glaspell 599). While this line seems insignificant, it actually holds great value
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The first example of stage direction is when the women, when confronted by the men,”move closer together,” (Glaspell 598). This behavior is interesting because it is almost as if the women are coming together to support each other while being scrutinized by the men. Stage directions also point toward the gender inequality when the women stand as the men walk into the room, to show respect as a servant would show a king. The third and final example is when the the county attorney walks in and talks to the women,”as one turning from serious things to little pleasantries,” (Glaspell 603). This shows that he views the women as less than the other men since he changes his tone when speaking to them as if he were talking to a child.
In conclusion, in Susan Glaspell’s play Trifles the constant belittlement that Mrs. Wright faced as a woman in the early nineteen hundreds led her to do the unthinkable, murder her husband. Glaspell shows the type of harassment women of that time period faced through dialogue as well as stage directions. We as a society have advanced over the past one hundred in the way of gender equality, but in order be the best we can be, we must to continue to
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