Inequality In Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Inequality Is Not Dead Yet In Chapter three of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, George, a slave in the nineteenth century, is speaking to his wife Eliza about moving up north to finally becoming free. In order to do so, he plans on working long and hard to be able to buy his freedom, and then eventually being able to buy her and her son Harry. In the text, George mentions a lot about his slave owner who’s name is not mentioned. He describes his owner as inconsiderate and very overpowering. Though this may be, George understands that he should not be treated that way. He understands that the way his owner treats him is something that needs to be handled (wanting to escape up north). George also believes, that even though he is owned, he is a far better…show more content…
Though a lot has changed, and today some of our citizens are capable of being kind to one another, things such as racism, still wonder around in today’s world. Every now and again, we are face with people who still believe that being racist isn't an ignorant behavior, but a way of life. The people who think this behave similar to the ones in the story. Of course, there are no longer laws that allow people to own other person, there is still however, the unequal and poor behavior as there was when that law still existed. Citizens seen as racist believe that the people color do not deserve the same right as those with pale skin. They believe that where the people of color came from, is where they should stay. The society in the story too described this type of behavior. Insults and looks of disgust live upon those who's w heart only contain hatred for people of color. As George has stated in the story, “I have been careful, and I have been patient, but it's growing worse and worse; flesh and blood can't bear it any longer;--every chance he can get to insult and torment me,” this could still apply to those people of hatred. Those people have hate and jealousy just there is in the
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