Inequality Undermines Democracy By Eduardo Porter Summary

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The essay Inequality Undermines Democracy by Eduardo Porter discusses the income gap in today’s world. The first main point Porter describes how Americans are not concerned with the income gap even though it is wider than other developed countries. The United States government has expressed little concern over this issue as well since they have done little to anything to restrain the trend. I believe this has caused opportunities across classes to shrink and the middle class does not exist anymore. I would consider my family a working middle class and I hear my family talking about how the middle class has diminished and it is either the rich or the poor. This has made it very difficult on my family because all of their hard work is not being accounted for. Most importantly, I believe there is not a change or a movement in regards to the income gap because the…show more content…
Many Americans want all the pressure on the government to make the change but I believe the change needs to start with voters. To me, there is not a reason for people to believe that this trend will be reversed due to technological developments and globalization. I found this to be interesting since Americans are always complaining how the rich as too much money and the middle and lower class suffer. Why has nothing been done? The second main point discussed is how inequality plays a factor into the income gap in the United States. As Porter explains, we have accepted income inequality because we believe capitalism would not be able to work without it. I can now see how much influence capitalism has on this country in particular. A quote that I believe best explains this is “if
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