Inevitability Of Fate In Romeo And Juliet

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Inevitability of fate

The play “Romeo and Juliet” by William Harcourt Shakespeare
Is about how fate is unavoidable, unchangeable and an unstoppable force.
Shakespeare demonstrates this by the event of Romeo coming to the Masquerade Party, even though it was hosted by Lord Capulet. Fate in this story is trying to make Romeo and Juliet meet and marry each other.

A good example of the characters in the play not being able to control their fate is when the protagonist Romeo saw Juliet at the Masquerade Party and instantly fell in love with her without a second thought. So to speak he could not control falling in love, he just did, which is what fate intended in the course of events that was to follow. the Capulets host a party where the party
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Juliet was already married to Romeo, and wanted to be with him. The only way she could do this was to drink a potion that made her parents believe that she was dead so they could take her to the morgue and when she woke up that she would escape the morgue and make her way to Romeo to later be reunited. Atleast that was the initial plan. Unfortunately the priest who was in charge of telling Romeo that Juliet really was still alive, failed in his task because coincedently, he so happened to be captured by people who thought he might carry a disease or plague. Fate had made it so that the priest had just so precisely chosen that path and just so coincidentally had people in his path who thought he was carrying a disease, so they could deter him from his path causing him to fail and for Romeo to never receive the news. Romeo, who truly believed that Juliet was dead made his way to the Capulet morgue where he was to die with her. If Romeo only waited a little bit longer Juliet would of woken up next to him, they would not have to die. Fate had influenced the chain of events, first by acquainting Romeo and Juliet with each other, then by causing Romeo to kill Tybalt and exiling him. And then finally by delaying the message of the priest so that Romeo could make his journey all the way to the morgue just to kill
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