Inexperience While Driving

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Teenagers are definitely the most reckless and carefree age group of the human race. Many of them execute actions without thinking about the consequences, which always lie in the future. Also, most teens are inexperienced with real life tasks like driving and its dangers. Together, inexperience and recklessness allow for a high risk in teen driving. At night, the level of risk is increased drastically making it too dangerous for young drivers to be on the roads. Inexperience is the reason why so many teenagers are part of horrific accidents. Teens have a slower reaction time, do not have an extensive knowledge of the laws of the road, and possess less driving strategies to remove themselves from tough situations. For example, a few months…show more content…
Many high school parties are filled with alcohol and other drugs, and if under the influence, driving becomes dangerous for themselves and everyone else on the road. Driving under the influence is also illegal and the cause of many deaths every year. The curfew would prevent many teenagers from going and partying while also keeping themselves safe from the driving under the influence. The opposition of the curfew believes that the curfew only interferes with the busy lives of teens who have late extracurricular activities. It is believed by them that this would only ruin their productivity and negatively affect their lives. However, most places allow teenagers to drive past curfew if their commute is school, emergency, religious, or work related. Other than these, there is no reason for teenagers to be out on the roads late at night. A curfew allows for young people to be much safer from the dangers produced by the night. Teenagers are not prepared for what may lie ahead and need to kept safe as they are the future. A curfew does not interfere with kids ' lives, in fact, it enhances it as they do not leave themselves in a dangerous position. Curfews are things that are needed to keep the children of the country safe and prepared
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