Inez Beverly Prosser's Life And Accomplishments

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Inez Beverly Prosser was a teacher, administrator, and the first African-American woman to receive a Ph. D in Psychology. Inez was born in a time when people were looked down upon for being a woman and judged for the color of their skin. Inez was also born in the same year where 123 known lynching’s of African-Americans in the United States took place ( The first black woman to receive a degree in psychology despite her circumstances.
Inez Beverly Prosser was born to Samuel and Veola Beverly on December 30th, Although her exact birth year is unknown some records indicated the year 1895. Prosser was born in Yoakum, Texas and was the second oldest of eleven children (Benjamin, 2008), her family was known to move around along the gulf coast in search of a better life and more educational opportunities. As u can imagine, growing up through the 19th century with racism and sexism there were very few educational opportunities for colored women and people. In spite of the odds placed against Prosser, she and all of her siblings graduated from high school, five of which also
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August 28th 1934, On her way to Mississippi after visiting family in Texas, Inez, her husband and sister were in a Head-on Automobile accident in Shreveport, Louisiana. Rufus and his sister-in-law were killed instantly. Inez clung to life and was taken to Tristate Sanitarium where she later passed on September 5, 1934 at the young age of 38. The inscription On her tombstone at the Southern Memorial Park cemetery in San Antonio echoes the loss of a promising future that her death represented “How many hopes lie buried here” (Benjamin,2005). Inez Beverly Prossers influence to the betterment of education for all students are still being used and taught in education
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