Inez Temple In Connie May Fowler's Sugar Cage

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The novel Sugar Cage by Connie May Fowler is full of many interesting characters. Most of the characters in the story have name that gives out there characteristics as person or their nature in the novel. The most important and impacting character that plays roll in pretty much every other character’s life is Inez Temple. Inez Temple ‘s name, the first and last, both represents her characteristic as being pure and holy and very close to god as god lives within her soul.
In the novel, Inez Temple is described as a lady who has been brought up around people who practice voodoo. Her mother and grandmother are called “old-fashioned witches” who helps their neighbor by providing them with “healing teas and protecting rituals” (11). Inez Temple has the same gift that her mother has but in the beginning she never really believes she has the same ability to see. Her first encounter with her ability to see future of Rose and throughout the twenty-five years span of their convoluted lives is that she is a visionary that every character needs. She is the one that bring all the characters to gather like glue. Her last name Temple symbolizes house of God where everyone goes to pray, to confess and plea for help. In the novel,
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Inez has never done anything wrong to harm any of the character in Novel. She stands strong about her feelings and values. When Mr. Lackly, owner of the funeral parlor, asks her to accompany him on his plan to try to convince Eudora to have a close casket funeral for Burl, to leave out of account that his body is missing. She says that “As long as the sun rises and sets on this earth, I will never go along with such foolish acting” (83). She did not believe in lying to anyone not even to save her job and reputation even when she is threaten by Mr. Lackly that she will be accused of the stealing dead body of Mr. Jewel. She chooses to quit her job instead and walks out to find where about of M. Jewel’s
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