Infamous Duo: Bonnie And Clyde

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Infamous Duo In the middle of the Great Depression, a villanus group arose making citizens tremble. They were the leaders of the Barrow Gang known as Bonnie and Clyde. They are well known throughout the United States and even to this day they are remembered as lovers in crime. An infamous duo, Bonnie and Clyde, with fate binding them together created a phenomenon of mischief and mayhem.
Clyde Barrow, as a young lad he had lived in poverty which affected not only his views, but his mind set. Nevertheless the boy still looked at other opportunities, such as music. He once had been able to play the saxophone, he loved the binding of the notes how they blended together and created a wondurus spell. Yet being impoverished crushed his dream before
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After the damage had been calculated by the other officers they knew Bonnie and Clyde must be stopped. So they created a posse to catch or kill the Barrow Gang, and kill they did. With the posse formed they chased the Barrow gang like dogs (Network).
After the creation of the posse the Barrow gang had ran to their hideouts. Yet each hideout they ran to, each area they had thought they were safe, the law apprehended them. The gang had little chance for escape and an even smaller window to rest. Clyde’s brother Buck was the first major death with his lover crying by his side. It only went down hill for the rest of the gang being picked off one by one until it was just Bonnie and Clyde.(Network,MacNee).
In the end the Infamous Duo had achieved little in criminal activities, but their loved flourished in the time they were together. There gang they had however, had the opposite effect. As the law caught up with the Barrow Gang they either ran were killed or captured. This would not only be the end of the Barrow Gang but, their lives as well. For soon the posse had chased them down to their last hideout. Their trust is what had trapped them in their gruesome
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They had been mowed down with bullets, some even say it never really stopped. The posse was equipped with sub machine guns and other heavier weaponry. The Duo stood no chance in the hail of bullets coming their. Some say Clyde had tried to shield Bonnie in the their last moments. Soon after looter came to take what they could fingers, ears, one had even taken the tried to take the door of the car they were shot in (MacNee).
Till this day references of the Infamous Dou are made. The most popular the iconic villains in Batman, Joker and Harley Quinn. There are also a multitude of plays and other performance demonstrating the love of Bonnie and Clyde. In the end Bonnie and Clyde had created a phenomenon of not only mischief and mayhem, but a legend that’s unforgettable.

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