Infant And Toddlers To Explore Their Environment Essay

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I believe that infant and toddlers use their senses to explore their environment. They use seeing, feeling, taste, smell and hearing to help their brains grow. The children may repeat new experiences several times to help make new connections with that object. A close relationship with their caregiver is the best way to help and infant and toddler growing brains. A caregiver plays with them, reads, sings, and speak to them. This gives the appropriate love and support for the child’s brain growth. If infants and toddler have a clean, healthy and safe environment, it can make a big difference in the child’s growth, development and future. Infants and toddlers need a lot of care and affection in their early years. This consist of holding, cuddling and talking to help stimulate a child’s brain growth and promote emotional development.…show more content…
It needs to be stimulating, welcoming and comfort. A positive setting will set the tone for successful learning experiences. The environment should use materials and equipment that are age appropriate and reflect opportunities for hands on learning. As a teacher, a daily schedule will give the children great learning opportunities. They will have a planned schedule to build the children’s growth and development. Using a daily schedule, the children will know what to expect every day. The schedule should give the children a well-balanced day. It should consist of active and quiet time, indoor and outdoor learning activity experiences, direct teacher, child experiences and individual, small group and large group activities. The schedule needs to be consist and carried out in order daily to have successful infant and
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