Inferno And Purgatorio Similarities

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Inferno and Purgatorio are two different places and environments, one is more optimistic (Purgatorio) and while the other is pessimistic (Inferno). While Inferno (Hell) represent the eternal damnation of the souls that exist there, they die without repenting and not accepting God, in which they don’t anticipate going anywhere else. In the Purgatorio, there seems to be some purification from the souls that are trying to enhance their purification to enter Paradiso so they could finally enter into heaven. The souls and people are more likely to make to its heaven in Purgatorio opposed to the souls in inferno. But the similarity is Inferno and Purgatory is a place where the souls are sent after death, the difference is where you go based on your sins committed while alive and their beliefs.
All the souls in purgatory have hope and believe they will reach heaven eventually, with the holiest souls, while the souls in inferno don't have to expect to make it to heaven nor see God. They believe in Christianity and God, and all the things they went through and suffered from would gain them passage into
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Inferno starts at the bottom of hell with hopeless sins and the Purgatorio begins up the path to Heaven, between mars and the moonless darkness and more lightness than inferno. Punishment and sins described in each Purgatorio and inferno are different that become based on the crimes committed between each soul in both places, the crimes were more severe in inferno, however, because it mirrors their image and sin they committed on Earth before their death and forbidden to leave Hell opposed to the souls in purgatory that has the chance to move up to Heaven. Another difference is purgatory take place on Earth (land) while Inferno doesn’t it takes place beneath the ground (Hell). Dante is able to better relate to the sinners in purgatory unless the sinners in
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