Inferno And The Holy Grail Comparison

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The Inferno vs. Perceval and the Holy Grail
The epics The Inferno and Perceval and the Holy Grail are similar in many ways, but they also have some differences too. For example, Dante’s Inferno is an epic about a man traveling through Hell in order to be forgiven for his sins. Perceval and the Holy Grail is another epic about a knight that is traveling home to be with his mother because he feels guilty for leaving her all alone after his father and brother died.The Inferno was a better epic than Perceval and the Holy Grail. Perceval and Dante are both heroes, but Dante’s journey was more interesting, and the overall themes include the flaws of the two men.
Despite the fact that both Dante and Perceval are epic heroes that leave home and have special weapons, they also have differences within these characteristics that make them epic heroes. Dante leaves home to go to Hell. His reason for being in Hell was to recognize his sins and then be forgiven, so he could get to Heaven. At the beginning of his journey, he said “Midway in our life’s journey, I went astray / from the
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Dante’s quest involved journeying through Hell. He traveled farther and farther down in Hell until he got to the very last circle. He had to face many challenges on his way down. One barrier he faces is Charon and the river, Acheron. Another rough patch was Minos because he won’t let Dante through because he was not dead. Dante says “There Minos sits, grinning, grotesque and hale. / He examines each lost soul as it arrives / and delivers his verdict with his coiling tail” (Inf. V. 6-8). Dante described Minos as the bestial creature that gives one their punishment in Hell by coiling his tail. Perceval’s journey involved traveling home to his mother. One obstacle that he faced was the river. Chretien de Troyes
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