Infertile Couples Case Study

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Chapter I


Introduction “I can’t promise to fix all your problems but I can promise you won’t have to face them alone.” –Anonymous
"Marriage" is a divine institution set out by God and which pertains to the permanent bond of union between man and woman so that they might be mutually helpful to each other. Living together in love and confidence, they could enjoy great happiness. Marriage brings into being the family unit, the family circle. Its basic purpose was the reproducing of the members of the human family, to bring into existence more creatures of the human kind (Genesis 1:27-28, NWTHS).
But what if a married couple can't produce an offspring? It would be a downer, a big disappointment for them,
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Youth: This study would benefit the youth to raise their awareness in this kind of issue. This study, somehow, can create an impact in their part that whenever something happens like this to them in the future, they will probably be ready. When that time comes, they are fully equipped with knowledge on how to cope up with the said situation.
2. Infertile couple: If this study can reach infertile couples, they will be motivated and inspired enough for they will be thankful that someone has care in this kind of issue. And if the study reaches the people that are concerned, it can make them feel better and it can help them to accept the fate that is rightfully theirs.
3. Society: This study will act as an eye opener for most of us. It will show the other perspective or side of this kind of matter. This study will tell the society that this issue is not a joke and it should be taken seriously that even a single criticism shouldn't be tolerated. The study will also teach us what acceptance really is.
4. Illegitimate child: This study would be noteworthy for most of the illegitimate children out there. It helps them to see and explain the truth and at the same time accept every angle why their fate turns to be this kind of

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