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Infertility is when a woman is unable to conceive this could be for a number of reasons for example:

One of your tubes could be blocked

You are too old to ideally be having a child

Ovulation problems

However, in some cases it's the man is infertile and they're for the women doesn’t get pregnant men can become infertile because:

An infection

A tumour

Ejaculations issues

There are many tests for infertility for both males and females, some fertility tests for women include:

Blood tests


Transvaginal (pelvic) ultrasound exam

Some fertility tests for men include:

Semen analysis

Chlamydia test

There are also treatments for infertility some treatments infertility include:


Fertility drugs


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HCG is made by the pituitary gland. In women,


This is a hormone that will support the normal development of an egg in the woman's ovary, and it stimulates the release of the egg during ovulation.

Why this is used:

It causes ovulation

treats infertility in women,

and to increases the sperm,

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