Infertility Case Study Essay

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The most significant strength from the case study is Jennifer’s perseverance to have a child that explores multiple options. Jennifer has made some great decisions in the past which focused on career, education, partnership, and finances. . Because Jennifer has taken her time with focusing on the important things in her life. I would build strength by empowering her to continue to seek out options as well as building a supportive network of people that can understand her frustrations about infertility.

As a social worker consulting Jennifer and Allan. I would focus on helping the couple find many different options they felt comfortable with both from a medical and financial point of view. In addition, I would also suggest the couple seeks counseling, self-help groups, that focus on infertility issues. Since research shows “That infertility places women at risk for depression, anxiety, social stress, substance abuse, isolation, and marital
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Of course with each option there will never be a 100 percent guaranteed of pregnancy taking place. I feel it’s important to have conversations with both parents about not only about the procedures, but the psychological effects that infertility treatments can have in the long run for both parents. As a social worker discussing infernality treatments with a family can certainly be challenging in many ways. I feel that it’s important to be mindful, and supportive of the decision making process. Offering guidance to both parents is something a social worker can do to help sort through the many options couples may have. When it comes to personal beliefs about infertility a social worker must continue to support the parents throughout the decision making process regardless of the decision made by couple. To help guide and provide services they need to hopefully ensure a successful outcome of becoming
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