Infidelity In Bob & Ted & Alice

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Within the events, thoughts and actions of everyday life, one is bound to feel. On the other hand, with the brought on senses, one can easily become engrossed in the hectic nature of life, in a way going through the motions, neglecting to view life in retrospect. Nevertheless, a way to combat such automatic dealings in life, man has created a way to reflect through the invention of film. Film, a production where thousands of rapidly moving picture capture the modern thoughts of generations to timeless emotions borne by all, enables many to reawaken, resonate to, reminiscence on and react to emotions and thoughts that were once silenced. Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, is a wonderful film that delves into the thoughts of all included in marriage,…show more content…
The idea the two thoroughly agree that Bobs infidelity was only sex concluded that as long as there is no love involved, their relationship is unaffected, even though at first Bob rustles with this conclusion. One could ultimately assume that Bob and Carols idea of sex portrays the thoughts of Anthony Ellis as “casual sex” where such sex has “no deep relationship” involved (104). Carol alongside this ultimately states that Bob would be morally wrong in his marriage if he did not tell Carol. “Adulterous spouses almost always recourse to lies and deception in order to commit their deeds” (Halwani, 264). Carol does not see Bob as an adulterer because he again was honest. When feelings and lies arrive, then, under Bob and Carol’s idea of love and sex is marriage tainted and true moral wrongs such as adultery essentially occur. Halwani would express their ideas on sex love and marriage as “morally neutral” (102). Deciding if something is morally good or bad depends not only on desire (Bob wanting sex) but on the context in which it is felt (lack of love) (102). This mutual agreement is supported later in the film when Bob return home from a business trip and discovers that his wife had sex with another man. At first, in utter dismay and skepticism on Carol’s actions, he believes she does this to spite him for his previous affair. As the two discuss and rationalize what happened, Bob reverts to the conclusion that Carol did not act on her infidelity due to love but instead emotionless and experimental sex making it morally okay in their
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