Infidelity In Brave New World

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In theory, any relationship is an important one, they teach us to communicate and we learn from our mistakes. Sexual Relationships are especially important because of the connection we make towards a partner, a lover, a companion (Kate Hathaway, 2013). Lately these types of relationship are getting a bad rap because of infidelity, but I don’t see us fixing the problem and instead we are ignoring what happens and moving on as if it didn’t. I think we’re becoming immune to infidelity, also known as cheating in a sexual relationship.
A relationship is very different now than what it was today, you don’t need factual proof of this, just look around, the news reports and written in the papers everyday about scandals, cheating and marriage battles
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The book is a warning, a caution, and beware! Society is becoming closer to the Brave New World! Through entertainment and reality alike we are becoming this way. Seeing another’s “body parts’ isn’t so personal anymore. We need to have more care for one another.
An example of how this relates to Brave New World, is when Lenina is in the elevator going up to the root for her date, she looks around the small area and realizes that everyman in there with her she has had sex with! Today we would consider that a disgrace, and a fancy word for that is “whore” (Chapter 4, part 1, page # 57). In the Brave New World though having sexual intercourse with so many men would be an honor, a privilege, and a positive achievement. In the book though, having a relationship with only one male or female for a long period of time is horrible and taboo. Having more than 1 male or female a short period of time is horrible and taboo. Though our societies are on opposite side of the spectrum, we are not as far as one might think. So hear this warning and let it settle in the back of your mind. Think before you do, act, speak, show. Our society needs to take a look at the big
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