Inflammation System Research Paper

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1) Inflammation system.
When inflammation release is low, the immune response tends to be weak. This exposes the body to bacterial, fungal and viral infections.
On the flip side, massive inflammation response get tragic on your body. With uncontrolled inflammation release, immune response dysregulates due to over work and shuts down. The net effect as a result is rampant inflammation in the body causing:
 Autoimmune disorders. E.g., arthritis, autism, cancer, and stroke
 Exposure to infections
 Worsening of pre-existing clinical disorders
 Exposure to environmental irritants and food allergies
 Other (NEM) stress response systems also get affected.
Signs that manifest in chronic inflammation are, bloating, food sensitivities, brain fog,
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To remedy the situation, dietary supplements that boost immune system are a sure bet.

4) Hormonal.
With massive inflammation throughout the body, hormonal levels tend have high turnover rate in your body. As hormonal levels get depleted, both thyroid gland and sex organs will suffer greatly. These negative implications have consequences that leads to low libido, infertility, menstrual irregularities and afternoon slump.
5) Neuroaffect
During gut inflammation, the membrane becomes more permeable allowing entry of toxins into blood stream. There spread via blood vessels to the brain causes depression and other neurological disorders.
Dysbiosis in the gut seems to be linked with neurological implications. Example, autism spectrum, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis
Also, there are many environmental factors that impact on neurological conditions and inflammation system. E.g. proteins aren’t utilized in the brain leading into a number of neurodegenerative conditions.
Uncontrolled response from inflammation can get disastrous in the brain by damaging the neurons.
Due to neurons damage, dopamine and serotonin can get imbalanced and lead to increased levels of
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Bottom line.
Dietary supplements that boost immune system are life changing in adrenal fatigue syndrome recovery (AFS).
The supplements have unbeatable power in resolving many conditions which are as a result of (AFS).
And yes, they have the charm to re-energize your body and enhance health.

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