Inflectional Morpheme Errors In English

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This paper is prepared to identify the inflectional morpheme errors which are committed by Arab learners of English, to find the difficulties in acquisition of inflectional morphemes. The errors are divided to what seems to be correct in the target language. This paper also looks for possible solutions for these difficulties which face the learners to help the teachers to overcome these errors in teaching process. English teachers play an important role in acquisition of the inflectional morphemes in English as well the teachers of mother tongue also have the same role in the importance simultaneously. The acquisition of the first language differs in a number of ways from that in second language, because the speaker focuses only on one linguistic system but in second language focuses on two linguistic systems, so the acquisition of first language is natural process as well the acquisition of second language is learning process. Error analysis was established in 1970 as an alternative to contrastive analysis, error analysis can be considered as an approach in linguistics to find out the difficulties in acquisition of second language, that is why it can be considered as one of the most important elements or instruments in the process of teaching English in all Arab schools and universities. In Corder (1967:167) argues that "the learner 's errors are significant in that they provide to the researcher evidence of how language is learned or acquired" means that the errors have

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