Influence In Sonny's 'Rocket Boys'

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Sonny’s mother was an important influence on Sonny. Believe it or not Homer was an important influence of Sonny also. Sonny was given inspiration from his mother and something to work against with his father.
“To get out of here, you’ve got to show your dad you’re smarter than he thinks. I believe you can build a rocket. He doesn’t. I want you to show him I’m right and he’s wrong. Is that too much to ask?” (51-52). Sonny’s mom wanted him to succeed, that influenced him to succeed. Morale support is much needed when trying to accomplish something that seems impossible to everyone else. Sonny’s mother was also important because she was an example of non conformity of Coalwood. She hated being a miners wife and wanted to escape to Myrtle Beach, I think that is also an influence she has on Sonny, she wants to get out and that makes him want to get out.
Sonny says “He’s against me building
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The Rocket Boys mainly Sonny, wanted to prove Homer wrong. He was against it from the very start but as the novel goes on Homer starts to grow more lenient on the Rocket Boys. Homer always supported Jim over Sonny. Jim was the football star, the one to be proud of while Sonny wasn’t. Homer wanted Sonny to work in the mine just like he did because he felt like Sonny wasn't’ smart enough to capable enough to get out of Coalwood. Homer is disappointed because Sonny wasn't what Homer wanted him to be. It’s hard for Sonny to deal with the disappointment that he gives to his father but it does influence him. He worked to prove him wrong and to not disappoint him. By the end of the novel Homer accepts the fact that sonny isnt what he wants him to be. Homer eventually goes to their last rocket launching and launches the rocket at Sonny’s request. That request is an example of the influence Homer had on Sonny, even with all of the negativity that Homer brought to Sonny, Sonny still wanted Homer to launch their last
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