Individual Behavior In The Workplace

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AC1.3 factors that can influence individual behaviour in a workplace like ZARA
The most significant influence on individual behaviour at work such as ZARA is the general culture of the company, which can determine whether employees are valued or not. An organization that bases its policies and actions on ethics will generate a culture in which workers are naturally oriented to act accordingly. The culture of a company cannot be taught, but comes naturally. Companies are formed by people, who are organized to attain specific objectives. Their behaviour can be influenced by either intrinsic or the environmental they operate. When it comes to Zara, many of these aspects influence the habits and behaviours of the employees at workplace. Personality
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Without appropriate administration leader, businesses would have uncoordinated people without unity and purpose. Transformational leadership style raises connection and communication among employees to fulfil desired goals. Within this style the company leader assign smaller tasks and focus mostly on the major goal of the company. This can be evident in both Zara and Budgens companies. Leadership style at Zara has concentrated groups of creative designers and professionals they produce their products in the shortest time. Similarly, the transformational leadership style has seen Budgens report a rise in shopper pleasure and high-end customers at their outlets. The attitudes towards Budgens brand have enhanced across most brand metrics, with 9 out of 10 customers saying they’ll come back. Budgens was lately named the ‘best top-up shop’ at the CTP awards, chosen for by twenty thousand UK…show more content…
However classical management methods can be demonstrated in the business, the business scientific gets workers with the appropriate abilities for the work, administrative principle through controlling the production process to distribution. On the other hand Budgens has a franchise ownership structure. Budgens stores are owned by Independent Retailers working in partnership with Musgrave Retail Partners GB Ltd. The stores are owned by independent retailers who work in partnership with the company. There are many schools of thought on management approaches, and each of these schools has its own advantages and disadvantages since by zar1 and budgens deal in different products, its difficulty to compare with one is the best. However, all approaches seen to have be yielding positive results for the zara and budgens but zara seem to have integrated most of the management approaches in its operation from classical management approach, Bureaucratic organization is evident through clear division of labor, behavioral management they paid close attention to what fashions the public is demanding.
Task 3: Section 3: ways of using motivational theories in organizations
AC3.1 Discuss how a change in leadership can have an impact on motivation of the employees. What would happen if Óscar Pérez Marcote was to leave?
Since olden days, business leaders
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