Influence Of Americanization In Europe

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Americanization in Europe is a very present influence that can create a lot of discussion throughout the various nations affected. Taking a look at Americanization in Europe in relation to American cultural influence and creolization is a way to decipher the manipulation on individual origin countries culture. My opinion on Americanization lands fairly in the middle of the argument, but tends to sway more to the side that believes it is a negative influence. Using American cultural influence and creolization once again enabled me to form this opinion. Americanization is the act of influence from the Untied States pushed onto other countries ultimately effecting their culture. For the purpose of this essay, I will be analyzing Americanization in Europe in particular since the course is focused on this relationship specifically. It is easy to understand why American cultural influence has and continues to spread throughout Europe so rapidly. In the “Transmission of American Culture” reading from class, the author explains the presence of American culture in Europe as “relentless involvement.” The ideals that America represents, mainly freedom and justice, are applied to European culture through the goods exported from the west. Even though the products from America may just seem like goods to sell and buy, they represent much more than that. The products aren’t just physical items either. Ideals exported from the United States, leading to Americanization, also can include
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