How Did Fahrenheit 451 Change

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In society, the government has shown that books were not a priority to the people and their lives. So they banned books from being used. This affected their actions and feelings towards people and other things. But when Montag met Clarisse, it changed how he viewed the government and its actions. Throughout the whole book, it has shown that his feeling regarding books did change. He realized that books were very important to Human Psychology. Montag objected to this decree and save books from being eliminated entirely. So he snatched books and hid them from the government and everyone else in the neighborhood. He also wanted to help save Clarisse’s ideas from also dying, by acting out against the government and being the different one in the…show more content…
His whole life he believed in doing what was right, and burning books, because the government categorize them as “useless” and “wrong” if they were used. But when Montag met a teenage girl named Clarisse, she started to ask Montag about his life. One question that Clarisse asked him was “are you happy?” Clarisse was asking him if his life truly made him happy or not. This intrigued Montag, it made him look at his life, which made him realize that he really wasn't happy with his life. This provided a spark on his new attitude regarding books. He began to abduct books, and read them to see why they are banned in his community. He became a rebel against society. Just like in the American Revolution when “agitation began to stir amongst rebellious…show more content…
They are trying to “keep people safe” and keeping people away from “complex thinking” to keep things simple. The government just wants them to enjoy their lives with wall tvs, and learn about pushing buttons and pulling levers. They keep the more complex people in higher rankings, just like Beatty, being the head of his job at the firehouse. He is smarter than most of the people in his community, and likes to manipulate people, like Montag and trying to stop his plan of rebelling.

Overall, it may be said that Montag is justified from breaking off from the government’s rules or the “norms” of the society. Montag was trying to change the world by showing that books are important to human lives. Just like Ray bradbury, he wanted to show that books are important, and we need to keep them in society or else we will lose sight of our past and make similar mistakes in the future. Books give life to the world, they could be about the past, or it could be made up, but it can make people
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