Consumer And Brand Perception Essay

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Perception is the way how people decide on something and when this perception becomes the perception of a consumer then this word defines as how the consumer makes a choice while buying. Perception of the consumer towards the apparel can be defined as the outcomes of the decision of the consumer while taking the culture, preference and taste aspect into their mind. The association between the traits of both consumer and brands are day by day arising out as an marketing challenge which every maketer has to face . This is due to the fact that features like materialism has bacome the strongest deciding factor while choosing between the brands. Earlier it was easy to buy products as there were few brands to choose from. But with the present senario…show more content…
Uttarakhand is not only earning enormous income from tourism but also with the booming retail sector in the state it has added an edge to the income of the country. Uttarakhand is a state in the northern part of India. It is often referred to Devbhumi which means in literature as “land of gods”as it has varied Hindu Temples and pilgrimage centers found throught out the state. On 9 november 2000, this 27th state of the republic of India was created from the Himalayan and adjoining northwest districts of Uttar Pradesh. Uttakhand has a total area of 53,484km sq of which 93% is covered with mountains and 65% is surrounded by forest. The state is divided into two part, Garhwal and Kumaon with a total of 13…show more content…
With the development in these areas has increased the job oppoutinities in the country as well. All this increaments are attached with change in education system as well. Toaday eduacation system is not confined to bookish knowledge only it do provide proffessional eduaction which provide practicle knowledge of the company as well. With the advancement of technology attached to education system the present time has witnessed large nuber of student enrolling themselves and higher number of students graduating every year. This number has made a large pool of technical and mangerial manpower for the economy which work day and night to improve the economy of the country. With this much number of people working hard along with rise in the income of the them has lead the pace of spending on an high terms. It is evident that specially the young Indian in the age group of 15-25 are seen shopping

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