Influence Of Brutus In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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Caesar was the man that had it all. Antony was his loyal friend. Brutus was an aspiring ruler and conspirator. In the play Julius Caesar, the way one speaks is key in understanding their intent and the influence it has on people. William “Shakespeare was very skeptical about democracy in the sense of rule by the majority, or direct rule by the people” (99). There are three examples of how the characters in this play move the plot along, first through rhetoric, secondly propaganda, and thirdly the crowds reactions. Each of these things were demonstrated in speech. One can see that throughout this play there is a constant battle between what each person sees as truth. Truth is a universal thing yet is universally different. Speeches are a representation of the individual truth of the characters in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Rhetoric is extremely prominent in the play Julius Caesar. The play revolves around conversations and speeches and in each of these there is rhetoric. Rhetoric is defined as “the ability to use language effectively”. Brutus, who is a true stoic, speaks with power and of patriotism. These aspects of his speaking grasp the listeners and empowers them. They are able to see power in how he speaks of Rome and his
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Political propaganda is used to sway the peoples opinions. It can be seen through speeches, imagery, and what they say the people will get out of something. Brutus uses political propaganda by speaking to the people. He says if they go along with him they will have “freedom, peace, and renewal”. Without Caesar, patriotism can live, whereas, with Caesar you are in slavery to his power. Adverse to the power speech of Brutus, Antony comes at this propaganda with emotion and passion. He cries in his speech. He gives the people anticipation. He uses litotes to bring his point across. Propaganda in this play is most reflected in
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