Essay On The Influence Of The Constitution

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Have you ever thought to yourself, where did the Constitution come from? Someone surely had to inspire the people who wrote it? You’re right and I’m going to talk about 3 of some of the most important documents that influenced the Constitution. Starting with the Rights of Citizenship in the Constitution because we got to know how the Constitution affects us and why we care about it. The Constitution gives us rights that nobody can take away from us. Starting with the very first amendment granting us freedom of speech. The first 10 were in the Bill of rights written way back in 1791 giving us in detail 10 rights as a citizen. With 27 amendments now (the most recent added in 1992) we have a lot of rights as Americans. Some of these rights were gained through tradition and time. The woman’s right to vote was added to the amendments to give women equal rights. As Americans, we also have responsibilities, stated in the Constitution. We have the responsibility to vote in the elections. We also have the responsibly to follow all the laws the government makes. Those are some of our rights and responsibilities as Americans. There are many more if you look in the U.S. Constitution. My thesis statement is, American citizenship rights and responsibilities shown in the U.S. Constitution originate from the English…show more content…
The English bill of rights was created in late 1689. The bill limited the king/queen’s powers, it gave people the right to vote, and give people freedom of speech without revenge (negative things from the king/queen). The English Bill of Rights also gave people the right to make a petition to change something in the Parliament without the fear of revenge. This challenged the Parliament giving separation of powers so that the king couldn’t make huge decisions against everyone’s will. This influenced the American Bill of Rights, by allowing separation of powers, freedom of speech and even influencing us to have
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