Influence Of Colonial Architecture

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Influence of Colonial Architecture in Malaysia’s Architecture
Malaysia is a multiracial country consisting of three predominantly Malay, Chinese and Indian population with other minor races. Consequently, colonial building in Malaysia have combinations of the style from other cultures such as Indian and Chinese due to migrations and from the local Malay traditions. This paper will discuss about the impact of colonial architectural with country’s culture to Malaysia’s architecture. These impacts have formed the recognition of the values of heritage. Therefore, many of which are being conserved until today.
The Malaysia’s architecture style from pre- colonial period to the colonial period later to independent has become one of the great victories of post- colonial development. There is no doubt that past conquerors had an impact on building development. Besides, due to migration of Chinese and Indian, these immigrant’s culture and customs also influenced to the architecture development of Malaysia rather than only for their determination in seeking for political status and economic roles. The country’s cultural development and heritage buildings were influence by many foreign cultural heritages and legacies that existed in colonial time.
Pre-Colonial Period
During the 5th century AD, traders from India and China used the East-West trade route and would stop at Tanjung Dawai as a stopping point. The traders traveling with the ships/ junks between China and India
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