Influence Of Culture In An Indian Father's Plea By Amy Tan

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Everyone is human,but not everyone comes from the same place.People get judged by how they look or where they come from and sometimes it makes them feel like they're set aside.One's culture affects the way one views the world around them because sometimes people judge by the apprentice of someone. "An Indian Father's Plea" a letter by Robert Lake is about a little indian boy who’s new to the american education system and tries to fit in with the rest of his classmates that are all white. He feels set aside from them because they intend to bully him by describing him as strange and weird. Both, the teacher and students think that he is different. Nothing is wrong with the indian kid, he is just taught differently. His culture is different and his perspective on viewing certain things is different. Wind Wolf is the indian boy’s name. He is from a trube that celebrates many rituals and traditions. He has moved…show more content…
Jing Mei's mother believes "you could be anything you want in america". Mother believes that since America is a free country you can do anything . In reality you can't because there are rules and because everyone judges you. For your appearance ,culture,religion etc . Mother has always wanted jing mei to become "Shirley Temple" . But Jing does not. She just wants to be herself . Mother wants her to be like all her friends children. In paragraph 18 of the novel it explains how mother sees on television a little girl playing the piano fluently.Mother observes the girl and starts to gossip how jing will never be as good as her because she doesn't want to do anything for her future career. Mother later tells her she will be taking piano lessons with the neighbor. She will take them just to make her mother happy and proud of her. We know that everyone will judge her no matter the way she plays. No one will stop judging because it's just the way life is
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