Influence Of Culture On Body Image

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A persons body image is how they see themselves. There bod image can lead to then to very confidant, if they have a good body image and are happy with them selves. A bad body image can destroy a persons ego and make the hate themselves and make the person depressed and have very little confidence, which can also lead to eating disorders and self harm. Culture also has a effect on body image and how Different cultures have different views on the perfect body. Media has made having the perfect body a must but also made that body a impossible standard to meet, Boys strive to grow facial hair and gain muscle mass while girls, want to have large breast and be tall and thin(barbie Doll). so both male and female strive to reach a body they can’t achieve and therefore are not happy with the body they have.(Cobb 2010)(Brand 2013)(Thompson 1990)
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Sleep Deprivation is caused when the body doesn't not its get correct amount of sleep, between 8-10 hours a night,as the adolescent grows old factors change in there environment and this causes them to stay up later each night and having to rise early for school or work the next morning the adolescent doesn't gain the required hours of sleep.When we sleep as adolescence the brain has time to “reset” and changes from a highly plastic to a highly connected state making it more efficient and faster.Many adolescents are sleep deprived and those who are, are more likely to smoke drink and abuse substances, when sleep deprived your brain only functions on a base level, memory problem solving skills are impaired also aggressiveness and low motivation and even depression take over.(Bergin & Bergin 2014)(Sigelman & Rider 2012)(Fakier & Wild

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