Media Influence On Culture Essay

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Have you ever got into a argument with someone to the point you do not want to talk to that person? It was probably because you have a different view on the problem. Culture is not the sole thing that informs you on how to view things. People’s views do not only stem from your roots, the very beginning, and the type of culture you associate with. Media and the people you associate with also influence the way you choose to view the world and others. Similar to trying glasses on you try them on to see which of the glasses gives you the best sight to view the world and others. The first influence that can affect your views is your parents and the culture they are associated with. You are exposed to culture from the very first day you enter this world till the day you die. Parents are the reason that you are exposed to culture from such a young age. Parents push their views and beliefs onto you. Whether it be good or bad they expect you to follow what they preach teaching you the right from wrong and what to do and what not to do. From the very beginning you are brainwashed…show more content…
Media has a powerful influence that can decide whether you like something or not. Media does have its flaws. Many people believe media to be an unbiased source but in many cases the only depict the bad sides of people. A good example of this could be the 2016 Presidential election Republican candidate Donald Trump. In many news stations and media sites they mostly depicted only his ugly side almost showing biased towards the other candidate. Throughout his campaign many things came up about his past and how that makes him a bad person, rarely things would come up about what he plans to do for the United States. Donald Trump was not known for what he wants to do for the United States but what he was done in the past and because of this many people have been influenced by media, becoming the other candidates

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