Influence Of Czech Culture

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Influence of Czech culture by the Third Culture kids The culture of Czech Republic is influenced by many aspects, most of them are influenced by the history, because of this a most of Czech population believe that the foreigners are laughable. However, there has occurred a lot of foreign companies, foreigners and foreign investments that has made the country to work. These people have arose after the Velvet revolution with the downfall of communism, for example the people from Vietnam have immigrated to Czech Republic during the communist epoch as they were invited to labour here in the factories. Most of the people who have immigrated here became ATCK’s. Vietnamese society has created a lot of new opportunities and occupations in Czech Republic, however, people still believe that the Vietnamese community harms the society and culture, nevertheless, they still tend to go to the Vietnamese restaurants and enjoy buying things from them. Easily said, the Vietnamese community became a part of our culture and society as we have borrowed something from their customs and they borrowed something from ours. The main issue of the globalisation is the loss of the Czech traditions in big cities. Inexperienced young generation tends to be one-sided and therefore they are celebrating a lot of different jubilees that are not from their culture, “I tend to celebrate different international celebrations because it is cool and I find it more interesting than Czech traditions”. This may be

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